Where it all Started

Sometime in 2009, when I was just fresh out of university, I received a job offer as a newspaper sub-editor. The excitement of getting a job without much hustle overwhelmed me. I was too excited to realize I was getting myself into serious business.

Then the time of reckoning came when I edited a story and instead of the “to be verb” was I used is. A word with just two letters, right? But by using “is”, I had changed the facts of the story. Mr A was accused of murder and acquitted, but my edited story now read that Mr A is accused of murder. Big blunder and loud thunder of reprimand did I receive from my boss then.

I survived a suspension by a whisker and I have never taken letters and words for granted since.

It’s been years since I left the newsroom but the lesson has never been lost. Every letter and word I use has to earn its place on the page. However, sometimes the wrong letter, the wrong word, the wrong number, slips in and seeing the mistake later is akin to eating rice with stones. 

And so, this is the catch.

At Word Oven, we know that every piece of writing needs an extra pair of eyes. We know that even the best of writers struggle when putting their thoughts into words. We also know the awkwardness that comes with writing “Minister of Fiancé” instead of “Minister of Finance”

We know that your end of year report, speech, book, letter or even that Facebook post, can make or break you. Yes, it can be that serious.

So, get in touch with us today and let us be your editor, graphic designer and translator, or even just an advisor on how to turn that story, idea or thought into perfect words. 

At Word Oven, we bake your words to perfection (at a fee of course).


Address: Kampala, Uganda
Email: wordovenug [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone: +256781412975


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