In Bits of Forever, Part X

Written by Mauryn Okunga

My phone rang before Christian put his down. I reached for it but couldn’t recognize the number. I picked the call, too late for Christian’s raised hand, telling me not to answer it.

“Leave my man alone, Maureen. Tonight’s meal might be the last you will have if you don’t leave him alone…”

Christian took the phone from me and ended the call.

I fought the urge to scream and pull out my hair. Even in my life as a hooker, there had never been a single day that a woman had called me with threats over a man. A few of my friends hadn’t been as lucky and that left the fear embedded deep in my heart. And yet here I was being threatened by someone who I assumed had become an ex-girlfriend more than four months ago.

“Maureen,” he said, reaching for my hands again. I pulled back.

“Please listen. I do not know how she got your number or how she even knew you and I were dating. But I have made it very clear to her several times that my relationship with her is over. I’m really sorry.”

Looking into his eyes, honest, pleading, I wanted to draw him into a long, warm hug despite my anger and pain. But I remained rooted in my chair. 

“I’m going home. I’ll see myself out,” I said, and rose.

“Baby, please…”

 Baby? That got me, but I couldn’t go back on my word.

 “We’ll talk in the morning.”

I could hardly recognize my voice. My body had been consumed by a level five storm and if I didn’t leave as fast as possible, I would break down. He sat down dejectedly and didn’t make a move to stop me. I picked my phone and walked out of the house while scrawling through my contact list for my boda guy’s number. 

I waited outside the gate for a while before he arrived.

It wasn’t until we’d reached my house that I remembered I’d left my handbag in Christian’s car with all my stuff, except the phone. Paying for the ride wasn’t a problem since I could easily do a mobile money transfer. I also had an extra key under one of my flower pots but my diary was in my handbag.

My diary!



It felt like eternity before Christian looked up and accepted that Maureen had walked out on him. It was harder than the time his ex-girlfriend cynically announced that she had aborted his child. Maureen loved him and he loved her. Well, she hadn’t told him she loves him but he knew she did.

He picked up his car keys to follow her. He dialled her phone number but her phone was switched off. He wasn’t sure she knew the neighbourhood well enough to leave alone. He couldn’t imagine how he would live with himself if anything happened to Maureen. On the co-driver’s seat was Maureen’s bag.

“Dear Lord, I hope she had money on her for a boda or something,” he prayed.

Opening her bag, her purse was there and a book.

He flipped a page, reasoning that there could be phone numbers jotted somewhere; a number belonging to someone close to her, someone who could help him win her back. She hardly talked about her friends or family. “Maybe I could get lucky,” he thought as he flipped another page and just then, a note caught his attention.

“Josh over dozed today and I thought his father would kill me! Why on earth did I get entangled with both father and son?”

He turned off the ignition, leaned back and closed his eyes.


Dear Reader, In Bits of Forever ends here. We are glad you read it with us. Look out for our next diary. 


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