In Bits of Forever, Part IX

Written by Mauryn Okunga

I had two days to change my mind about the dinner.

My anxiety grew by the hour and I hated it. Even when I counselled myself that the dinner would go on smoothly and there wouldn’t be any attempt by Christian to undress me, a louder voice kept saying I was lying to myself.

The writing is on the wall. It’s time up, girl! 

And then Friday came after what felt like a year. Christian kept passing by my office to peep and check if I was around. By 5pm, he was parked at the UT entrance, waiting for me.

“Maybe I should call the police and report a case of stalking,” I said once I’d buckled up in the passenger seat of the Harrier he’d recently acquired.

“Why would you do that?”

“Well, you’ve been on my case like a kidnapper.”

“I will plead guilty.”

“You would?”

“Yep. And I’ll ask police to jail us together.”

We laughed.

As we embarked on the ride to his house, words deserted us both. While it seemed we were lost in thought over the dinner date, the silence was awkward.

After 40 minutes, we drove off the main road and turned into a tarmacked one. There was no sign of public transport. I immediately thought about my boda guy and scrolled through my phone contact to be sure I hadn’t somehow deleted it. Christian reached for my hand and gave a reassuring press as if he’d read my mind.

The neighbourhood was the ‘leafy’ kind, with high fences and quiet, except for the occasional barking by guard dogs, or the chirps of birds and screams by playing children. At the house, Christian got out of the car and opened the gate while exchanging greetings with the man I later learned was the gateman.

I stopped myself from asking why he didn’t hoot so that the guy could open the gate for him. I reminded myself that this was Christian, the gentleman.

Once inside, he parked the car and ran to my side to open the door. As I made to alight, he told me to wait. He carried me from the car and gently placed me down as he opened the door. I was still stunned by the act when he carried me again to the living room. I had only seen things like those in movies. I never imagined the movie would become reality in my life.

Well, my mother used to say anything is possible under the sun, and as I smiled from my newfound bliss, Christian lightly brushed his lips on my cheeks before he walked into the bedroom.

I took advantage of his absence to calm my nerves with deep breaths. Looking around, it struck me that this was the house he’d recently moved in. His own house.  How could I have forgotten? I had seen and dated well off men before but I had never been with a man as humble as Christian. That humility was written on the walls of his house. Humility with a touch of class.

By the time Christian walked back into the living room, my excitement was under check. Much as my body craved to get a feel of him, my heart was not ready.  He proceeded to the kitchen and returned with a glass of orange juice.

“My sister made it. She’d just left when we got here,” he said.

Dinner too had been prepared by the sister. It was delicious, so much that I helped myself to a second serving of the main course. Then we carried dessert to the balcony where we would be playing chess. Maybe that would calm my nerves for an hour or so and by then, I would hide behind the excuse that it was late and I had to get home.

Three moves into the game, Christian confronted the elephant in the room.

 “I can feel that you feel what I am feeling but I would like you to know that I will wait for you until you are ready,” he started.

“Ehm! I don’t think I follow.”

“I want you in my bed,” he continued, taking my hands into his. “But only if you want to. I love you Maureen. We have not known each other for a long time but I know that I love you and one day if you say yes, I would like you to be the mother of my children. My wife...”

Just then, his phone rang. He paused and waited for it to stop ringing. As soon as it stopped, it rang again, and again.

“Please don’t call me again,” he calmly said to whoever was on the side of the phone and he hang up.


Dear reader, this is our second last installment from In Bits of Forever diary. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Don't miss the finale series next week. 


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