In Bits of Forever, Part III

Written by Mauryn Okunga

Xander turned out to be a perfect lover.

He was sad that I’d lost my very first job because of him; however, he was relieved that he didn’t have to share me with the world since no one else was walking in on me at the reception.

We travelled all over Africa but never to another continent. At the time, it didn’t matter. I had him whenever I needed him. He paid all my bills and more. I had a stipend for my old folks and enough to spend on my friends.

Xander introduced me to the world I’d only read in Mills & Boon novels. He also introduced me to all tribes of liquor. Partying all night and sleeping all day became a norm for me whenever he was in town.

When we started talking about life beyond forever, I never wanted what we had to end. Then it did. Xander was re-assigned to another continent. He was going to Asia. He tried to get me a visa to travel with him but fate was against us. There was no reason strong enough for any European or Asian country to allow me into their land. Xander was no longer ready for marriage and the forever we had talked about.

That Sunday morning, when he boarded the plane to his next destination, we both knew we were saying the final goodbye. He took my forever with him aboard a Malaysian Airways. I was devastated to say the least.


My best friend Susan dragged me to party after party, introduced me to man after man. I don’t remember how many colours, shapes and sizes of men she threw my way. But none of them was Xander. I had to do something drastic when I was confronted by the rent bill.  Su was no longer an option. Instead of lending me money for rent (which she could afford), she left me at a restaurant with a man old enough to be my father.

I had to accept that there was only one Xander but bills had to be paid somehow.

Sserumaga had the energy of five juvenile horses. It’s a wonder my hip bones never got dislocated. His money was a welcome relief but there was no genuine affection coming through. I quickly learned that we were a means to an end for each other. His conjugal rights had been withdrawn by his wife for a reason I didn’t care for, while I needed my bills paid.

With Sserumaga came others. Much as his wallet was deep enough for my bills, I needed some semblance of affection. So, I hunted when he was away at work. I easily got bored with my catches. None of them got close to Xander. I dated ministers, sons of permanent secretaries, top businessmen but kept my Sserumaga. He never asked questions and never expected questions.

Well, that was until one of my younger forevers over-dozed on cocaine in my apartment. I never used any drugs but never stopped anyone from using. Matter of fact, I had dealers’ numbers saved in my phonebook, just in case my people were out of supply.

On the fateful day that Josh over-dozed in my apartment, Su’s phone was conveniently off. I had to either do something drastic and quick or watch Josh die in my presence. I called Sserumaga and gave him an abridged version of what was happening. He came with a doctor and Josh was taken away.

I never saw Josh again and never heard from Sserumaga. He never sent me my weekly stipend and wouldn’t answer my phone calls or reply my text messages. He stopped showing up at his usual bars and hotels. I missed him. No. I missed being taken care of. I later learnt that Josh was Sserumaga’s first born. I was glad he didn’t chop off my head for doing both father and son.

On one of my Sserumaga stalking nights, I met Eva. She saw me sitting by myself and barely touching my drink. She walked up to me and struck up a conversation. She was a fun girl to talk to. She invited me to her table from where she was waiting for her bae. We talked and laughed like old girlfriends. Eva’s bae showed up and I had to excuse myself. We exchanged numbers and I went home where I called Su and told her all about Eva. Su wasn’t amused because she knew Eva as a bad girl around the hood. I was happy that night so I didn’t pay heed to Su’s insecurities.  

Eva and I became inseparable, that is how I ended up with her stepfather, Mugisha aka George Mason. The guy with a perfect set of teeth!

By the time I started searching for a job, Mugisha had threatened all sorts of violence against me. He was an obsessive and stingy lover. Eva had to threaten him with a police case for sexual harassment (he’d abused her when he married her mother) before he backed off. 


So, here I am at UT University, with a boss whose intentions are ambiguous to say the least and clients I am scared of. To think that at one point I might have to meet more than half of the 3,000 student population, is a difficult reality to face.


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