On This Street, Part III

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By cockcrow on Monday, I was out of bed. I brushed my teeth, took a bath and wore my best dress. I pulled the brown envelope out of my pillow case and tucked it under my armpit.

On checking my bag however, the 1,000 shillings meant for my transport was missing. I remembered I had given it out as offertory in church the previous day. That meant I’d have to walk two kilometers to the ACD offices to drop off my application letter.  My consolation was that since I had offered it to God, He would look down upon me with kindness.

When I arrived at ACD, the front desk area was crowded with people making last minute submission of their applications. The receptionist was seated behind a table and her eyes glued to a grey desktop computer.

Whatever she was looking at on the computer must have been very interesting because she kept bursting out in laughter, only pausing to direct applicants where to sit with a tilt of her head.

When it was my turn, she raised her head, revealing a faint blue eye shadow, thick black eyeliner and hot pink lipstick. Her hair was tinted golden brown. I felt a tinge of envy. If she can spend this much colouring herself then she must be doing well financially, I thought to myself.  

She shoved a hard cover blue book towards me, startling me out of my reverie, and with a sneer said, register your name and the position you’ve applied for.

I turned the pages of the book and in the middle was a blue pic pen, its base tied with a thread that disappeared down the receptionist’s table.

I briefly scanned the page. I was number 233!   

I scanned the page again when I was done writing down my details and the particulars of applicant number three caught my attention. Annah!

Wasn’t it Annah who told me she was not interested in the job?

I left ACD with a cocktail of emotions, asking myself what other move my friend Annah was capable of.





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